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Impact Training

The Playoffs are officially over! Stanley goes to Los Angeles and now it is time to focus on the summer and another edition of IMPACT Training. The summer conditioning camp will be happening again and the program will be similar to last year in structure and concept. We are extremely pleased to announce that Tyler T.N.T. Taylor will be returning this summer to run the program! Click here for more information!



Ontario Winter Games

Seventeen Members of the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy travelled to Muskoka to participate in the Ontario Winter Games this past weekend. The tournament would also double as the OntarioProvincial Junior/Youth Open Championships, the qualifier to attend the 2015 National Championships as well as the 2014 Provincial Junior/Youth Novice Championships. Click here for details!


Club Information

Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy (WRBA) is a nonprofit organization sanctioned through Boxing Ontario and the Canadian Amateur boxing Association. We use the sport of boxing to give the youth of Kitchener-Waterloo a chance to excel and make positive changes in their lives.

WRBA has been serving the local youth of Kitchener-Waterloo since its inception back in 1947. Many of our young people are attracted to the boxing club because of the low costs.

Our goal at Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy is to create well-respected, productive members of society. We want our athletes to be successful in the gym and out in the real world!

For more information such as the boxing club hours please read our brochure!

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Regular Workouts
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
6:00 - 7:00 PM   Junior Class   10-17 years old
7:30 - 9:00 PM   Senior Class   18 years and above

Boxing 101

There will be NO Boxing 101 until the new registration begins in September.


6:00 - 7:00 PM Junior Class 10-17 years old
7:00 - 8:00 PM Senior Class 18 years and above



Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy is a member of Boxing Ontario and the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association. Each Athlete who participates in boxing must be a registered member of Boxing Ontario. There are two types of registrations:

Recreational - Is an athlete who participates in the workout but does not engage in the contact portion of training, commonly known as "sparring".

Competitive - is an athlete who has progressed to be able to either compete in local, provincial competitions and tournaments, or does not wish to compete but would like to "spar" in their workout.

Each athlete must complete a Club Registraton Form and complete the Code of Conduct prior to participating in a class.

For Registration Form, click here.


Classes Are Starting Soon - Click Here For More Information

Memberships are paid annually each September. Training Dues are $35 per month and are to be paid at the start of each month. There will be no refund for missed classes.

Boxing Ontario Memberships
Recreational $20.00 per year

Financial assistance is available to those in need.


Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy Partners with Kitchener Sports Association

The Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy (WRBA) is partnering with the Kitchener Sports Association (KSA) to ensure that all children residing in the K/W area are able to participate in Olympic style boxing. Please contact the WRBA office for details.